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Folded Fabric Ornaments
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  • Sewing machine (optional) but it goes a lot faster with one.
  • You need squares of 2 contrasting Christmas fabrics or more than 2 types of fabric make a nice variety in 5" (charm pack size) or 6" size.
  • Nancy Zieman's Circles Sew Simple tool (optional, this saves tracing circles time)
  • Pins or large paperclips, or Clover Wonderclips, for holding squares together before sewing
  • Fabric scissors for trimming
  • Iron for pressing
  • Hand sewing needle and thread for tacking
  • Rat-tail cord or narrow ribbon for hanging - allow about 4" per ornament
  • Buttons or Christmas type charms for center ornament embellishment.


If you have Nancy Zieman's Circles Sew Simple tool, you can make a lot of these quickly.

You can watch her "how to use the tool" free on her website or on YouTube.

She sells the "tool only" or a combo of the tool and the show on DVD


You can use a 5" charm pack or cut a lot of contrasting Christmas squares, I used my 6" ruler for squares.

Match a contrast set of 2 equal sized squares right sides together. Pin or clip with paperclips or Wonderclips together for stitching.

Use Circles Sew Simple tool to sew a circle to the edges of the square leaving about 1.5" open to flip rightside out.

Trim to outer edge of circular stitching.

Flip right sides out,


Top stitch 1/8" perimeter of the flipped rightside-out circle... careful to tuck in and catch to seal the 1.5" opening.

Proceed with folding as on the YouTube video. Here's the How-to video for Folded Fabric Ornaments:


Embellish with a decorative button, a Christmas-type charm, or decorative hand ribbon embroidery knots

Add ribbon or rat-tail cord for a hanger on each ornament.

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