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Make It Sew! 


Santa Clara Valley based meetups for

project based sewing and serging

This membership-dues supported group is for ADULT folks who already know how to use their serger or sewing machine well enough to serge or sew your own projects without assistance from others. 


We do make exceptions for self-contained teens on a case by case basis who are focused on working on their projects when space is available. This is not a babysitting group and please do not ask our members to do your mending or hemming.

New folks wishing to join using Meetup or Facebook, will need to use their real name and a reasonably clear photo of yourself, and enough viewable info in your profile to know you are actually a human and not a spam-robot.   You do not need to belong to Meetup to join our group - we also have access via Facebook.

This is to make it a little more difficult for spammers to access the group.

Our members love getting together to sew, share ideas, and make new friends.



This is a membership-dues supported group. Dues are $12.00 annually. Please note that basic etiquette is expected of our members here. If a member has RSVP'd for an event, then the member should show up. However, we understand that life happens, so please cancel as soon as you realize you will not be able to attend - this allows others to take the spot in the classroom space.

All events require time from hosts to organize. Members who habitually fail to show up after a "yes" RSVP will eventually be placed on the waiting list for future Meetups. We take roll, and last-minute cancellations are considered "no shows."

Our goal is to choose venues for sewing days located in the Southbay at public spaces where there is easy access on ground floor, with easy free parking so everyone can participate often.

See our Meetup Events Calendar here


You can join Make It Sew with an annual membership of $12.00 USD if you want to attend our meetups using PayPal.


Happy Sewing!





ROLLING CART fits your new serger box and inserts perfectly if you just bought a serger. This folding cart collapses flat when not in use, it will perfectly fit your serger's original shipping box with the styrofoam inserts to keep your machine from bumping around while taking to classes or guild sewing days. It comes in black or navy blue colors. Usually about $25.00 Folds flat when not in use with removable lid.

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We host a Brother Serger Basics group on Facebook for folks just starting out with serging, or needing a refresher, and you are welcome to join.


Use the right tool for the right job... see also  Don't Blame The Equipment.





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