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Blog : Read the Serger Directions first, not after you break it.

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In the next few days literally thousands of Sergers will be sold on Black Friday week deals. Regardless of brand, Sewing Machines are generally "Sit Down and Sew" Sergers are not the same.


Take time to first READ THE DIRECTIONS and learn some basics so you do not break it right away by using it incorrectly. There is a learning curve, but if you take a little bit of time to learn to use your new serger properly from the start, it will save you time, money for repairs, and bad feelings.


Steps to take are:


1. Read through the User Manual.


2. Learn the procedure to oil and clean the serger according to the manufacturer's directions.


3. Practice threading your serger from scratch, in the proper order. Do this over and over enough times so it is not some scarey ooga booga thing to change thread after a thread break or for color changes. Do not cripple your serging skills by only learning to tie-on to the last thread color - learn it properly then you can change colors any time to suit your piece.


4. Follow the Youtube Serger Tension tutorial named "Secrets to Taming Your Serger". This tutorial teaches to recognize proper stitch formation from the start - and will enable to you troubleshoot your own stitching issues forever. This process works with any brand of serger and only takes about 30 minutes to complete. It is well worth the effort.


5. Join a Serger Users group - this will help you with your "stuck" spots if you encounter problem. We host a Brother Serger Basics group on Facebook for folks just starting out with serging, or needing a refresher, and you are welcome to join.


Use the right tool for the right job... see also  Don't Blame The Equipment.





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