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Keep your sewing room organized with these 5 tips from Madam Sew


1) Furniture needs to double as storage. When you search for pieces look for ones that have extra storage built in (check your basement for old shelves or dressers!)


2) Use vertical space and hang shelves for fabric, add towel rods for ribbon, and hang your thread on wall mounted rack.


3) Store your patterns in binders for easy & organized access.


4) Once a year go through your fabric, magazines, and project

ideas. Is there anything you know you won’t use again that you can donate? This helps keep down excess clutter.


5) Containers. These will be your best friend. You can find inexpensive baskets, buckets, vases and more at places like Walmart or Amazon.


There are so many things you can do to organize a sewing space with all the materials and supplies you already have.
Something you might want to consider though, buying your supplies already organized.


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